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Hardly a day goes by without customers asking us to do very special framing jobs for them. However, please remember that we regularly do lots of regular framing jobs as well. We also sell frame kits, which you can assemble. No job is too big, too complicated, or too small - we will do whatever you need!

If you think your idea is too far fetched to frame, come see The Frame Man and we'll prove you wrong!


1195 North Main St.

Randolph, MA 02368


We have shown lots of examples of our framing on this website, but it is only a small representation of all the great projects we do.


We couldn’t possibly show them all! When you visit our shop, you will see even more examples on our wall and in our project reference albums.

Sports Shirts

We frame professional, college, high school and league sports shirts all the time. Football, baseball, softball, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, field hockey marathon shirts and more!


We also frame shirts that may have a special meaning to you such as a team achievement, a charity event, or a reunion.  If it’s worth remembering, it’s worth framing.  




We have framed thousands of needlework items over the years. Many years ago, we set up framing departments in all the Windsor Button Shops. Carol is an expert needle pointer, and she and Simone both know what to do and what looks good for your work. They also set the high standards for any work we do for you. We regularly mount needle art for beginners and for some of the most talented needle workers around. Many of our customers come from great distances and even out-of-state to have us mount and frame their work.


Framing collages is a regular occurrence for us. We do simple collages and very large complicated ones. Some we adorn, some we keep simple. We often add calligraphy,  plaques or other memorabilia to them. The large one shown has 84 openings, but our record is 93 openings.  


We can mix rectangle, round, oval, hexagon, and other shaped mat openings to create a collage just for you. Multi layers are no problem. We can even print on most mats. Simple or complex, we will make it beautiful.


Wedding invitations and birth announcements

We have shown just a small number of examples of what we can do. The best thing is to come in and look at our framed samples and reference photos of the great project we have done. Then we will work with you to make yours just as special!

Newspaper and magazine articles

If you, your family, your business, co-workers, religious organization, dance group, team etc. have been featured in a newspaper or magazine article, we can frame it nicely for you. We can add calligraphy, special graphics, or mat cutouts. In addition, if the publication does not offer stats or high-quality reproductions, we can make one for you using archival ink and paper. This process will eliminate the “browning” that occurs with newsprint and other low-quality papers, so your article will look as good in 100 years as it does now. If it’s worth remembering, it’s worth preserving.

Shadow boxes

Shadow boxes enable you to frame three-dimensional objects. We make shadow boxes all the time, and in fact have won many awards with our shadow box framing. You’d be amazed at the variety of items we have framed this way


We can offer you lots of choices in a shadow box. You may have been told otherwise, but with minor exceptions, we can make any frame into a shadow box. We have also made them in multi-sided or odd-shaped designs and out of acrylic. Don’t miss the photo of the full-size wedding dress shadow box shown in the picture gallery.

Degrees and Diplomas

You’ve worked hard to earn your degree or diploma. We can help you proudly display it, as we have for lots of other successful people. We help you make the right choice, and keep it within your budget.

Unusual Projects and Odd Shaped Frames  

Multi-angle and odd-shaped frames are no problem for us - we do them all the time. You’ll see this when you visit our shop. We have also done numerous unusual projects. Make certain you see our “Award-Winning” Beatles framing project. And don’t forget to push the button and make them “rock and roll”.


We have a sign in our shop that says “We also do simple projects”. We made this sign because we don’t want you to think that we only do special framing. If you need something simple, we can often do it while you wait. However if you want something special, there are very few limits. Once you see the variety of things we have done, you’ll know for sure what we can do for you!


Please remember, the variety of examples we are showing here are just a tiny representation of what we regularly do. And, most of all, whatever we do for you will be beautiful!

Recent projects

This is just a small selection of the many projects we have recently completed.  We randomly select and feature these projects to give you ideas, and show you the variety of ways we can help you. Unfortunately we are not able to show them all.

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